It is highly likely you do not know much about a country called Trinidad and Tobago, apart from the fact that they are amongst the islands in the Caribbean. My friend who has a lot of travel experience because he visited a lot of places around the world. I met him during our classes to . I asked him some questions about Caribbean islands. He told me that it is better to visit a place you know something about. These twin islands in which English is the official language make a beautiful country.
As you plan to take your next vacation to these islands, these are the four facts you should note before you hit the road:

1. Trinidad And Tobago Are Different Experiences
The twin islands form one country, but that’s the farthest it goes. They are not identical but fraternal. Tobago is known for its vibrant beaches, rich heritage and folklore. Trinidad, on the other hand, is known mostly for its forested areas, vast wetlands, and faced-paced city life, especially at night. But there are plenty for you in both the islands. Whether you are strolling through the vibrant cities in Trinidad or sunbathing in the white sands of Tobago, it is all fun.
Again, in both, the evenings get chilly due to the sea breeze especially in the rainy season that set in from June to the end of November. Activities like kayaking, hiking, cultural and historical tours are also typical in both the islands.

2. The Biggest Turtles on Earth Hatch Here
The leatherback sea turtle, the largest turtle in the world, crawls onto the eastern beaches of Trinidad to lay eggs, after making a dangerous journey across the Atlantic Ocean. In May and August, the little sea turtle hatchlings come out of the eggs and cautiously dig their way out of the sand. You can visit in those times to take part in the volunteer efforts to protect the vulnerable turtles during this risk time. But to see the turtles crawl to the beaches, you should travel there around April or July. Matura is one of the famous beaches the tourists flock to watch the dramatic nesting rituals.
Unlike other turtles, the leatherback turtle has no bony shell.

3. Musical Islands
The islands are a hotspot for music lovers. As you travel there, prepare to dance all night to the tunes of jazz. In Tobago, there is an annual music night where popular artists come to entertain their fans from all over the world. The steel pan drum originated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The rhythm of steel orchestra can have you shaking your hips all night long.

4. The First Public Holiday In Remembrance Of Slavery
Trinidad and Tobago were, nay, was the first country to set a public holiday in memory of the abolition of slavery. A street parade is conducted annually, accompanied by the beating of African drums, dancing, exhibitions, selling and buying of traditional dishes with everyone adorning traditional African attire.

The official taxi cabs in this country have letter ‘H’ on their license plates, and the drivers are in a bright yellow uniform and hold ID cards. Boarding wrong vehicles can be risky, for there are scammers
led itself into a modern, multicultural hub.